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We Keep Your
Computer Systems


Our Services

Software  Reliability

Software Setup, Configuring, Trouble Shooting.

Office 365 and Outlook Setup.  


CRM Systems.

Retail POS Systems.

Effective Security

Are You Protected Against Hackers, Ransomware Viruses?

Waikato DHB Wasn't.

Are Your Security Software Systems Robust?

Call for Our "No Charge" Phone Advice.

Cloud Services and Network configuration

Data Sharing Through Google Drive, One Drive or Dropbox.

Google Apps.

Video Conferencing through Zoom, Teams.

Remote Access From Home to Your Work Computer.

Simple to Complex Networks Setup and Maintenance.

New Computers,  Laptops and Other Hardware

Custom Built Reliable Desktops at Competitive Prices.

Custom Built Reliable Servers at Competitive Prices.

Advice on Which Laptop, Printer or other Hardware Purchases.

Computer Hardware Repairs.

We Integrate Your
IT Ecosystem

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